The Best Indoor Playground in Oakville

Our Vision

Kidsopolis strives to be the best Indoor Playground and Family Entertainment Centre in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada.

Our Mission

To provide the safest and most innovative and interactive indoor play and entertainment services in the industry for kids of all ages.

Our Story

Travelling, seeing the world and learning from people and cultures around the world are what we are truly passionate about. Having moved to Oakville over 8 years ago we have fallen in love with this beautiful town of ours. It has pretty much everything anyone will ever need. The only thing we saw as missing was a truly innovative and technologically advanced yet interactive and most importantly safe indoor playground for Families in this town and the surrounding areas.

So our quest began a couple of years ago and that was the beginning of the KIDSOPOLIS idea (combination of Kids and Polis which means city in Greek). Our travels to Japan, throughout Europe, the USA, Mexico and the rest of Canada helped us with all the ideas for the various exciting games, rides and play equipment that we have gathered here in Oakville under one roof.

  • Overall a Great Experience!!  Reasonably priced, Friendly Helpful Staff, clean. They have this very cool Laser room that my daughter loved it.

    Adriana L.
    Adriana L.
  • The kids really liked both sides of the pay areas and the upper balloon room was the best for them. Over all I would recommend going here if your in the area and want to tire out the kids. It is worth it.

    Chatele O.
    Chatele O.
  • It is extremly clean and stylish. Lots to do for kids under 120 cm ?. Free coffee and Wifi for parents and snacks for kids costs only 1$.

  • Great place for kids and parents! Extremely CLEAN, full of high-tech facilities. Definitely safe for kids. As parents, you can rest assure your kids will be busy having fun for at least a few hours while you enjoy your complimentary cup of coffee and hanging out with other parents.

    Azar E
  • We have been to Kidsopolis half a dozen times over the past few months , and we are thrilled with how happy, engaged and safe our children feel there. We also held a birthday party there for our youngest. The owners are professional, kind & conscientious and go out of their way to make everyone feel looked after. Our children love the interactive kinesthetic video games and the unique Japanese components . I am not alone in my praise of Kidsopolis-- many of our friends feel the same way. Great work Kidsopolis team-- you truly offer something unique and rewarding for young families.

  • The kids had fun. The place was very clean. We attended for a birthday party. The staff were friendly, they ensured they checked all the parents with kids bands when coming and going from the facility and seemed always available when needed.

    Lisa B
  • A great Indoor Playground and Family Entertainment Centre in Oakville, Ontario. There is a wonderful padded play area, Laser Maze and attractive YuKids Play System for the kids. Parents can sit and watch, or join in the fun or surf the web with free WiFi 😉 I like the clean and modern decor with great customer service and management which make it enjoyable place for Birthday Parties. Highly Recommended!!!

  • I've been to kidsopolis with my several times . I live in Toronto ,but this place is so nice ,and my daughter enjoys being there so much that we visit the place almost every weekend. The place is very clean The equipment are very safe and modern. I have taken my daughter to many of these indoor parks but she dosen't enjoy any of them as mch as Kidsopolis. The management does a realy good job. I recommend this place to all the familes with young kids.

  • I am happy to write this review for Kidsopolis. Kidsopolis is a newly-open indoor playground and family entertainment centre in Oakville. I heard about this place through friends while ago until last weekend when I visited the place with my niece along with a couple of family friends with their kids. This place is simply amazing. New technology, clean and safe environment for kids. Free coffee and WiFi are great treats to the grownups while watching their kids or just hanging out with with others. While there, I met the owners too who were a respectable couple residents of Oakville. Really caring staff. ... I highly recommend the place.

    ali e
Hours of Fun
Happy Kids
Satisfied Parents

YuKids Play System

Everyone will fall in love with the uniquely designed Japanese manufactured YuKids Play system made by an innovative Japanese company, BLD Oriental, in Osaka, Japan. Their play systems have been installed in over 400 locations around the world and more than 20 million kids have tried and enjoyed them in the past few years.   Now you can do the same right here in the Greater Toronto Area as we are premiering the exciting moving indoor play system for the first time in Canada. The manufacturing company called BLD stands for Bravery, Love and Dreams and we hope that by visiting our centre you will experience and live these noble characteristics now and well into the future.

Atomic Play Equipment & Eye Click Interactive Game

The combination of technologically advanced interactive floor projected games area and a custom designed and Canadian made three storey play structure will capture and excite the imagination of older kids for many hours whilst their parents will relax and enjoy a free cup of tea or coffee, surf the net using the free Wi-Fi or join in the fun!

Lazer Mazers Vault Challenge

For the more adventurous families the thrill continues as they would literally bend over backwards to negotiate their way through a web of laser beams in the state of the art Lazer Mazers Vault challenge, also exclusively premiering in Oakville at Kidsopolis. Every member of the family will have a fabulous time, laughing and playing together, whilst getting a truly refreshing mind and body workout.

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