To ensure everyone’s safety and full enjoyment of the facility the following rules must be followed:

A completed and signed waiver by a parent/guardian is required for all minors entering Kidsopolis family entertainment centre. Save time by signing our online waiver below.

1. Kidsopolis is an unsupervised play area. Parents and guardians must supervise their children at all times. For parties where the parents drop off their kid/s the party host/s are responsible for supervising all the guest kids (a ratio of 1 adult for every 5 kids is recommended).

1a. People who use mobility devices (all ages) including those using any kind of wheelchair (manual or electric) are more than welcome throughout the playground.  If you think you may require assistance at anytime please approach a member of staff who will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

2. Kidsopolis is not responsible for any injuries or any lost items. Parent/guardians of every child/minor under the age of 18 must sign a waiver before entering the playground.  Click here for our waiver form.

3. Kidsopolis  is a SOCKS ONLY facility.  Everyone (adults and kids) MUST have SOCKS to enter our facility. This for the health and safety of everyone, particularly the little ones.  No shoes, hard soled slippers, or bare-feet please.

3a. For parties, the host is responsible for reminding all their guests that socks are mandatory.  If guests arrive without socks Kidsopolis staff will provide guests with socks and the cost will be added to the host’s final invoice payable on the day of the party ($2+hst per pair). Hosts can bring their own socks for their guests to avoid this charge.

3.b. The birthday child and all other children aged of 16 or younger are counted as part of the (kids) guest list, except the first 2 children under the age of 24 months which are allowed in for free (are not counted in the total number of kids).

4. All Pizza MUST be ordered through Kidsopolis.

5. Other outside food is allowed but only with prior approval by Kidsopolis and all such food  must meet the following restrictions:

– All outside food must be peanuts and nut-free- items with traces of nuts or those that “may contain nuts” are not allowed either – (No baked goods from Tim Horton’s, Starbucks or other similar fast food vendors are allowed; burgers/fries/chicken nuggets and tea/coffee/milk/juices are allowed)
– No food deliveries to front desk unless ordered by or approved by Kidsopolis staff.
– Fruit trays, veggie trays, chips, cake/cupcakes are fine (as long as they meet the nut-free criteria mentioned above).
– No large bottles of pop please. Canned/small bottled/boxed drinks are fine.
– No rice/ messy food/highly staining foods please (sauces/curries etc).

-No Alcohol is allowed at anytime on Kidsopolis premises.

– All food & cake orders or changes must be made at least 5 days before your party or event.  Custom cake orders require longer a notice period (see cake list for details).  We will made every effort to accommodate your requests or changes but orders or changes made less than 3 days before your party cannot be guaranteed.

6. Kidsopolis is a nut-aware facility. Whilst we make every effort to ensure a nut-free environment we cannot guarantee a totally nut-free facility. A $50+hst cleaning fee is applied to your invoice if nuts are discovered in any outside food brought into the playground.

7. No food, drinks, or gum may be consumed in any of the play areas.

8. Please ensure that you and your child/children are free of illness. Kidsopolis management reserves the right to refuse entry or ask people to leave if there are obvious signs of communicable illness.

9. No confetti, piñatas, face painting  or glitter please.

10. All event and parties must be with prior reservation (please check availability through our online booking system or by phone/in person).

11. YuKids Area: Only kids under 120 cm (48”) are allowed to play in the YuKids play area. Kidsopolis 120 cm (48″) rule is strictly enforced for the safety of the children. In the same way as in many theme parks the structures and play equipment in this area were designed and manufactured with this height limit in mind. NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule can be made under any circumstances. Please make sure you bear this fact in mind when booking a party or entering Kidsopolis for regular drop-in play.

12. Laser Maze:  A minimum age of 5 is recommended for playing the Laser Maze game.  The game is not suitable for those with asthma as there is an artificial fog generating machine is in operation to help with the visibility of the laser beams.  Maximum of 2 people (kids and/or adults) are permitted in the laser maze room at any one time.

13. Kidsopolis reserves the right to refuse admission or ask you and your child to leave if equipment is being used improperly or your play or behaviour is unsafe or disrespectful to others, including our staff.

14. Promotions offered directly at Kidsopolis and those offered through our partners cannot be combined unless stated otherwise.  Half price admission fee, including vouchers/cards etc. and the half price offer on Terrific Tuesdays or other promotional times is not applicable to already half price toddler admission or the reduced rate teenager admission fee.

15. All parties are 2.5 hours with private party room/s (except for private parties which are 3 hours or other parties such as A La Carte parties which are 2 hours by default).

16. Unless a private booking has been made for the entire facility, we are open to the public for drop-ins during our regular birthday parties. Please see details about our private event bookings under the “Parties and Events section/Other Events”.

17. Closing times for private events or scheduled maintenance are always posted to our Opening Hours page and/or our homepage at least 1 week before the event.  We may occasionally close without prior notice due to unplanned but essential maintenance work that need to be completed.  We also post prior notification when we expect large groups of kids e.g. field trips or large daycare group drop-ins.   Please always check our homepage or call us before making the trip to avoid disappointment.  The YuKids play area is closed to the public on days that our Licensed Montessori School is open (Monday to Fridays) from 12:30-1pm for exclusive use of our Childcare kids.

18. Please note that a $100+HST deposit is required for one room party/event bookings, $200+HST deposit required for 2 rooms party/event ,$300+HST deposit required for 3 rooms party/event & For all private parties a 50% deposit is required. All deposits are non-refundable but changes to any party/event booking can be made at least 14 days before the party (subject to availability). If there is no availability (with a 14 day notice) a credit note equal to the amount of the deposit will be provided which can be used for goods or services provided by Kidsopolis. There is no expiry date for such credit notes. Cancellations made with less than 14 days notice will forfeit the deposit paid.

19. The minimum package for a party in one room is the Happy Kidsop package (10 kids).

20. Minimum of 25 kids (Ecstatic Kidsop package) is required to book 2 rooms. This package (2 rooms) cannot be downgraded to a smaller package and the minimum number of kids is confirmed as 25 at the time of booking. You can upgrade this party to a maximum of 40 kids (maximum capacity for 2 rooms) up to 1 week before the party when you confirm the final number of kids.

21. Minimum of 40 kids (Super Ecstatic package) is required to book all 3 party rooms. This package (3 rooms) cannot be downgraded to a smaller package and the minimum number of kids is confirmed as 40 at the time of booking. You can upgrade this party to a maximum of 60 kids (maximum capacity for 3 rooms) up to 1 week before the party when you confirm the final number of kids.

22. Final number of kids for each booked party MUST be confirmed by the host booking the party at least a week before the party date.  The minimum party number rules for each of the set packages are always applicable i.e. 10 for a one room party, 25 for the 2 room package and 40 for the 3 room package. If we do not hear from the party host who has booked the party 1 week before the party the number of kids for the package booked at the time of the booking will be considered as final by Kidsopolis staff and this is the minimum number that the party host will be charged for on the day of the party.  This means 10 kids for Happy Kidsop, 15 kids for Happier Kidsop, 20 kids for Excited Kidsop, 25 kids for Ecstatic Kidsop and 40 kids for the Super Ecstatic Kidsop packages.  Any additional kids turning up on the day (not confirmed beforehand) will be charged our regular admission fee of $14+ HST or $7+ HST if under 24 months old).  Additionally, in cases of “No Shows” i.e. where we do not hear from the party host for final confirmation of number of kids and the host (and/or guests) do not show up on the day of the party the entire deposit paid will be forfeited. Kidsopolis also reserves the right to charge the party host the remaining balance of the reserved party (party package selected at the time of booking).

23. All birthday parties must be booked through Kidsopolis and held inside a per-reserved party room. No birthday parties may be held in the snack bar area as this area is allocated for our drop-in guests.

24. For drop-in guests,  in/out privileges are allowed during our opening hours for that day as long as you have your payment receipt (and/or your security wristband) with you.

25. For your safety and security,  everyone entering Kidsopolis must have a security wristband on.  The wristband system is in place to ensure the parents/guardians are matched with the kids in their care as they arrive and leave the facility. Please hold on to your wristband if you drop off your child for a party and pick-up later.  Please inform our staff if you drop off your child but someone else will be picking up your child as we may ask for ID and/or verify your identity and relationship to the child with the party host to ensure the right parents/guardians are picking up the right kids.

25. Also for your safety and security we have a Digital Video Recording (DVR) system in the facility.

27. Kidsopolis Day Camp Cancellation Policy:  Camps can be cancelled with a full refund* up to 2 weeks (14 days) before the start of your registered camp week or day.   Camps cancelled up to 48 hours before the start of the camp (2 working days) will not be refunded but a credit note (Kidsopolis Gift Card) up to the full value of the camp fee that you paid will be made.  The gift card can be used against any products or services offered at Kidsopolis (including food and drink) and will not have an expiry date.  Cancellations less than 2 working days (not including weekends/holidays) will be subject to a $30 cancellation fee but will still get a gift card for the balance of the camp fees paid.

* please note that if the camp fees were paid by a credit card a 3% credit card handling fee will be deducted from the refund. This is not applicable if a Kidsopolis credit note/Gift card is issued instead of a monetary refund.

Special COVID -19 Addendum 

Kidsopolis Birthday Party Cancellation Policy: 

  • As per our standard party/event booking policy, deposits are non-refundable . The only exception to this policy that we are making in response to the special COVID-19 situation is that a gift card will be issued in lieu of the deposit paid if the party or event is cancelled with less than 14 days notice.  Gift cards have no expiry date and will be equivalent to the full value of the deposit paid.
  • Additionally, if we at Kidsopolis cancel a party/event at any time,  due to reasons beyond our control i.e. force majeure (for example due to a public health ruling that requires us to temporarily close the venue or as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of a virus) we will also issue a full refund of the deposit in the form of a gift  card (equivalent to the deposit paid).

Kidsopolis Day Camp Cancellation Policy: 

  • The only exception to this policy that we are making in response to the special COVID-19 situation is that cancellations by parents with less than 2 days notice will not incur a cancellation fee of $30.  In other words, a gift card (equivalent to the full value of the camp fees paid) will be issued for cancellations less than 2 days.  Additionally, if we at Kidsopolis cancel the camp due to circumstances beyond our control and with less than the usual notice period specified within our standard policy i.e. force majeure (for example due to a public health ruling that requires us to close the venue or as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of a virus) we will also issue a full refund in the form of a gift card in lieu of the fees paid.
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